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April 2011
Not Another Klingle!!!
Feds interfere to stop road and now Feds want to build a hike/bike path and call it an open road

February 2011
NW Current: Klingle Trail Solution is just Doublespeak
NW Current: Experimental Klingle Trail is Costly, Unwise

January 2011

NW Current: Self-Interests Keep Klingle For Recreation
NW Current: Public Klingle Should Not Have Been Closed
NW Current: Klingle Deterioration Closure Shamful
NW Current: City agency finishes study of Klingle Trail

October 2009
Agency readies study of Klingle Road trail

June 2008
Wicked Witch of the West of the Park
Let's Open Klingle Road Washington Post, Outlook, Close to Home, June 1, 2008

May 2008
Second Vote Nears on Klingle Road fate NW Current May 28
Top 12 Reasons to Pull Klingle Road Closing Amendments from the Budget Support Act
Open Klingle Road - The DC Council should not give in to an Obstructionist Minority, Washington Post May 10, 2008

April 2008
Klingle Road Study is Taking Too Long April 16
Fenty, Graham Merit Praise on Klingle, April 9
Local Funds May Help Launch Klingle Project, April 9

March 2008
City Funds Should Repair Klingle, March 26

September  2006
Testimony from Republican Ward 3 Council Candidate T. Conroy on Klingle

January 2006
NW Current - Citizens Response to NPS Position
NW Current - Editorial - Opening Klingle
NW Current - Park Service re-enters fray on Klingle

November 2005
DC Watch -
Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and the Upcoming Election

October 2005
NW Current - District Should Start Klingle Road Project

September 2005
DC Watch -themail - Sierra Club Pork
NW Current - Sierra Club' s Efforts Have Delayed Fixes
NW Current - Bike Path on Klingle Wouldn't Be Suitable

August 2005
Klingle 'Roadies' Look out for purse, park
Utility Needs Require Klingle Road Repaving-NW Current

July 2005
Sierra Club Recommends Alternative B2 and D2 of Draft EIS
Klingle Road partisans work to sway officials
Study Looks At Klingle Debate - Washington Times
Sprawl and Crawl:  Klingle Road Yea or Nay?
Sprawl and Crawl:  Open Klingle Road?
DC Weighs Options for Reopening Klingle Road
Klingle Study Backs Repair of Park Route 7-13-05

December 2004
Slow Road to Repair - 'Klingle the Lonely Parkway'

September 2004
The Hilltop - The Bumpy Ride to Repairing Klingle Road

March 2004
DDOT Prepares Study on Klingle Road Effect

October 2003
Is California Street the only state-named road in D.C. that is not an avenue? If so, why?

May 2003
Tom Sherwood's Notebook
Taking a Pass -- Assessing Citizen Jordan
Washington Post District Notebook: Legislative Bypass Paves End to Klingle Road Dispute
Klingle Road Redux
Klingle Road Should Reopen, DC Council Decides

April 2003
  DC Hospital Group Endorses Klingle
  Road Supporters Had Convincing Argument

March 2003
Why We Should Open E Street
Park Service Proposes Beach Drive Closure
District to Resist Scheme to Close Major Road
NW Current - "Trips on Klingle Road Offer Taste of Green"
  In Northwest, a Rancorous 12-Year Road War -- It's Take No Prisoners in Class-Tinged Fight
     Over Reopening Klingle

DC Watch - Evacuation or Recreation?  Also, Klingle Beach
Special Interest Groups Have Bigger Agenda
  Open Klingle For All

February 2003
Open Roads to Success - Afro American Newspapers
Stalled Traffic Kept Ambulance From Call Reopening
  Klingle Road Means Safer Access

Still Debating Klingle Road, DC North

January 2003
  For Mayor Williams, A Few Suggestions
Klingle Meeting Left Queries Unanswered
Delaying Restoration of Klingle Ups Cost
Dr. Gridlock - Resolutions for the Road
  NW Current - Mayor Submits Bill to Close Klingle Road

December 2002
Jangle Bells
Repairing Klingle Would Benefit City

November 2002
Klingle Road Integral to DC Traffic System
  Mendelson Would Restrict Beach Drive to Commuter Use

August 2002
In the Sept. 10 DC Primary
June 2002
Klingle Debate Heats Up
Road Project Could Utilize Federal Funds
Klingle Road Repair Won't Use Park Land
Bureaucratic Gridlock - DDOT Fails to Use Highway Funds Effectively
There Really Are Only a Few Klingle Valley Supporters
The Klingle Valley Few
   Mendelson Should Lead Effort to Repair Klingle Road 
There's No Reason Not to Restore Klingle Road
   Politics and Public Safety
   Who Would Use Klingle Valley Park?

Apr 2
  City Shouldn't Close More Roads to Cars
  Prances With Wolves, City Paper, April 12

Mar 2
  We Need Klingle

February 2002
Park or Not, Activists clash over 150-year-old road between
    Woodley Park, Mt. Pleasant

Aug 2001
  My Verdict on Klingle Road

Jul  2001
Opponents, Supporters of Klingle Road Debate Environmental Impact
  Klingle Road Redux

Jun 2001
Klingle Road Offers Good East-West Route

May 2001
Reopening Klingle Road: The Debate Continues
  The Debate on Reopening Klingle Road: There's Another Side

Apr 2001
A Klingle Road For All, Washington Post 04-12-01
  Sierra Club Needs To Look at the Big Picture
Reopen Klingle Road
  A Public Road (Cont.)

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