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The Cause

Repair Klingle Road because it is economically efficient and environmentally sound.

Repair Klingle Road to help move people and goods in Washington, DC in an energy efficient manner.

Repair Klingle Road to help DC comply with the Clean Air Act.

Repair Klingle Road to improve public safety.

Repair Klingle Road because it preserves existing transportation facilities. Preserving existing transportation facilities is consistent with modern, metropolitan transportation guidelines (Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, and Surface Transportation Policy Project), and with current "smart growth" initiatives, including Sierra Club's "Restore the Core" campaign.

The Coalition to Repair and Reopen Klingle Road, is a grassroots organization of residents and businesses in Mount Pleasant, Crestwood, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, 16th Street Heights, Palisades, Foxhall, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, and Shepherd Park, among others, who have come together  to urge the Mayor to repair and reopen Klingle Road without delay. 

Our experience in meeting with neighbors and business owners and collecting thousands of signatures shows that the strong support for repairing and reopening Klingle Road continues to grow. The Coalition to Repair Klingle Road believes that restoring Klingle Road to its historic purpose as a public thoroughfare is the right way to go. 

Our efforts are funded by the private donations of our members.

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org