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  About Klingle Road

Chronology of Klingle Road

8/22/91 - DPW Completed plans of proposed reconstruction. (Exhibit 1)

9/21/94 - DPW Director, Betty Hager Francis letter to Woodley Park letter states, "[M]any motorists, local residents, and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the police department responded opposing the closure. According to the police department, periodic closures of the roadway due to storm damage had greatly increased traffic congestion at Porter St. and Connecticut Ave. resulting in long delays for emergency vehicles. Since the roadway is presently closed, emergency services continue to experience delays in responding to assignments because of longer distances to travel and traffic congestion which is more frequent and severe due to increasing traffic volumes. (Exhibit 2)

10/24/94 -ANC 3C Meeting - commission is awaiting more facts. (Exhibit 3)

11/28/94 -ANC 3C Meeting - DPW period of reassessment lapsed. (Exhibit 4)

11/30/94 -US Department of Interior states to DPW their understanding that emergency service operations have identified Klingle Road as a "critical thoroughfare that is necessary to protect life and property." The next paragraph states that, " If the road were closed and all improvements made to drainage and sewer facilities, the National Park Service would be willing to accept the transfer of right of way". (Exhibit 5a)

12/13/94 -ANC 1E letter to DPW states their commission voted to request DPW to reconstruct Klingle Road. (Exhibit 6)

12/20/94- DPW writes letter to Klingle Valley Association insisting the decision will be based on what is best for the District as a whole. (Exhibit 7)

1/23/95 - ANC 3C Meeting - Resolution adopted urging DPW to complete its reassessment. (Exhibit 8)

1/30/95 - ANC 3C sends letter of resolution to DPW Director, Larry King. (Exhibit 9)

2127195 - Gary Burch from DPW attends ANC 3C Monthly Meeting and misrepresents the traffic study stating it found Klingle Road closing had little impact on roads. BUT DOES NOT SUPPLY A COPY OF TRAFFIC STUDY TO THE COMMISSION. (Exhibit 10)

Commissioner Maureen Blum presents resolution supporting the permanent closure of Klingle Road. THE RESOLUTION WAS DEFEATED, 2 ayes, 5 nays, 1 abstention (Exhibit 11)

3/8/95 - Northwest Current reports Klingle Road permanently closed by DPW. (Exhibit 12)

3/14/95 - DPW Director, Larry King writes letter to Klingle Valley Park Association that DPW has decided that Klingle Road will remain closed. (Exhibit 13)

4/01/95 - ANC 3C receives Traffic Study from DPW stating, " Closing of Klingle Road has impacted Porter Street and its intersection with Connecticut Avenue. Before and after turning movement counts at the intersection of Porter Street and Connecticut Avenue show an increase of traffic turning onto Connecticut Avenue.... traffic oriented southbound on Connecticut Avenue increase more than 100 percent. (Exhibit 14)

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