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Cost Consequences

Klingle Road remains a 90-foot right of way on the federal-aid system.  The District Division of Transportation under the District of Columbia Department of Public Works, is responsible for the maintenance of Klingle Road.  As a federal-aid road, Klingle Road qualifies for 80 percent federal funding.

The cost to repair Klingle Road to it's original alignment is $3.8M (see Berger figures below).  This is less than originally estimated ($5.5M) back in June 2000.  We will spend more than half that just to build a gravel utility road.  The $2M difference would build about 1,000 feet of street (less than a quarter mile). Repairing Klingle Road to its original alignment will benefit everyone.

Department of Public Works Response to the Questions Before the Committee of Public Works and the Environment, June 7, 2000:

QUESTION:  Please describe what weight the survey results have in DPW's final decision on Klingle Road?  What weight will cost factors carry?  What other factors will carry weight in the process?

ANSWER (by Director DPW):  "The Department of Publics Works is not conducting a survey as part of the study.  Cost will not be a major consideration in the development of the final recommendation.  Traffic, public safety and environmental impacts of the alternatives being considered will be the major elements guiding our recommendation.  However, the recommendations of the Department will be based on the traffic issues, environmental impacts of the alternatives as well as the concerns of the community."

QUESTION:  Provide an estimated timeline and cost estimate for implementing each option:

ANSWER:                                                               Implementation Schedule         COST

 1. No Action                                                                    2001                                None
2.  Repair Storm Water Drainage Only                                2002                               $2.5M   
3.  Remove Roadway and Return to Natural Environment      2002                               $3.0M
4.  Bicycle/Pedestrian/Recreation Facility                           2003                               $4.0M
5.  Repair Roadway                                                           2003                               $5.5M
5.  Repair Roadway, add Bicycle/Pedestrian Path                2003                               $5.5M
New Figures taken from the Berger Feasibility Study, August 2001 
(Rebuilding Cost Are Now Less):
A. No Action                                                                                                          $  272,000
B. No Build                                                                                                            $  858,000
C. Green Space                                                                                                    $1,107,000
D.  Bike, Recreation, and Management Facility                                                        $1,131,000
E.  Rebuild Klingle to Original Alignment                                                                  $3,810,000
F.  Build Klingle Road to Accommodate Vehicular, Pedestrian and Bike Use              $5,170,000
G.  Build Klingle Road as a One Lane (1-Way) Road and a Pedestrian/Bicycle Lane   $3,515,000
At the December 13, 2001 Mayor's Press Conference, DDOT Director Dan Tangherlini said"The 9 million dollars a mile it would cost to reconstruct this road is almost exactly equivalent to what we will spend on the reconstruction of 16th Street from Alaska Avenue to the Maryland Border, and that's six lanes worth of road." 

The closed portion of 2-lane Klingle Road is only .7 of a mile long.  Mr. Tangherlini's statement (and math) makes no sense. 

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org