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Press Releases and Other Newsworthy Events

2011 April
History Repeats Itself – except this Time, Broad Branch Road, NW will be Repaired and Reopened
2011 January

Area's No. 1 rank in traffic delays "Clearly, in any growing area, and D.C. has continued to grow, you need to build more capacity.

City Agency finishes study of Klingle trail The decision to convert the road into a trail "doesn't reflect the needs of one city."

Klingle Trail Final EA Out DDOT releases final EA on fate of Klingle Road

2010 August
The Brightest Young Thing’s website on Klingle Road. "This limbo, however, has meant that there is a long stretch of concrete unpatrolled by Park Police and unsullied by cars."

July 2010
Coalition Urges HPRB to supplement their comments--reminds them of Tregaron

June 2008
June 3 Weird Priorities

May 2008
May 14 Washington EXPRESS:  Do you agree with the District's decision to keep Klingle Road closed to cars?

March 2008
Mayor Fenty Moves on Restoration of Klingle Road

October 2006
Fox 5 on Klingle

July 2005
Sierra Club Action Alert Recommends Alternative B2 and D2 of DEIS
Public Hearing on Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Set for July 21, 2005


October 2004
October 29, 2004 Washington City Paper - Kerry - Bush - and Klingle Road
DDOT Dragging Their Feet with Delay, Delay, Delay...Klingle Road Implementation Plan

August 2004
NPS Finally Agrees, after 5 months, to be Cooperating Agency

April 2004
Public Scoping Meeting Announced

March 2004
EIS on Klingle Road Announced in Federal Register

DDOT and Federal Highway Ask NPS to be Cooperating Agency


May 2003
  NBC Polls Shows 85 Percent of Public Opinion Says Klingle Will Improve Traffic
  DC Council Votes 8-5 to Repair Klingle
  Pave-It Culprit Confesses
  WTOP News on Klingle Vote

April 2003
  Chevy Chase Citizens Association Supports Klingle

March 2003
  DC Council Hearing on Klingle Road
  B15-0061 Klingle Road Restoration Act of 2003

September 2002
DDOT Director Dan Tangherlini and At-Large Councilmember "Candidate" Phil Mendelson Defy and Ignore Council Legislation

Feb 2002
  Fire Fighters Association Re-Affirms their Support to Reopen Klingle Road
  Klingle Closing Unfair
  Just the Facts, Please

Jan 2002      
  Coalition Finds DC Government Out of Touch with DC Residents
  Police and Residents Voice their Support for Opening Klingle at ANC 1C meeting

Dec 2001
  Mt. Pleasant Residents Property Vandalized
  Mayor Sides Against DC Residents
  Mayor's Proposal Makes No Sense

Nov 2001
  One Year Later - Open Klingle Road

Oct 2001
Coalition Calls on Mayor to Reopen Klingle Road Access as he Fights for Street Openings
   Around Federal Buildings
   Dear Mr. Mayor
Ward 3's St. Sophia's Church Says Open Klingle Road
  Oldest Inhabitants of DC Endorse Opening of Klingle Road

Sep 2001
  AFGE Local 3721 Endorses Opening of Klingle Road

Ward 3's Rock Creek Glen Neighborhood Association Wants Klingle Opened

  Ward 3 ANC3B Endorses Opening of Klingle Road

Aug 2001
  Shepherd Park Citizens Association Endorses Klingle Opening
  Mt. Pleasant Business Association  Urges Opening of Klingle
  Charlene Drew Jarvis Says "YES" to Open Klingle Road
  Jersey Barriers on Broad Branch and Klingle Roads
  International Fire Fighters Association, Local 36 Endorses Klingle Opening


Jul 2001
  Fraternal Order of Police Endorse Reopening of Klingle Road
  Four Ambulance Companies Say, "Open Klingle Road
  DC Taxicab Companies Endorse Opening of Klingle Road
  Mayor Washington Calls for Opening of Klingle Road
  Lightfoot Endorses Opening of Klingle Road
  Coalition Decries Councilmember Chavous' stated support for tearing out historic Klingle Road

Jun 2001
  The Advisory Neighborhood Commission Assembly Votes Unanimously to Repair and Reopen Klingle Road

May 2001
  Coalition Celebrates Mt. Pleasant Festival on June 3
  Sierra Club Supports Repairing Existing Roads
  NEWS FLASH:  Traffic Here is Congested

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