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There Really Are Only A Few Klingle Valley Supporters

By Tonya Jackson 6-14-02

I applaud Ms. Ingram's article on the Klingle Valley Few. I did look at the Klingle Valley website and sure enough, they have very few supporters. Even their photos told a story.  

If the Klingle Valley Few really thinks that a road should never have been built in the first place, per the angered Mr. Ralph Scott's June 13 mail, I guess we should call it a day and close down Piney Branch Parkway, Grant Road, Wise Road, Joyce Road, Pinehurst Parkway, Broad Branch Road, West Beach Drive, Tilden Street, North Portal Drive, Rittenhouse St and Beach Drive-- just to name a 'few', all of which twist and turn along streams and creeks, just like Klingle Road.

Klingle Road predates Rock Creek Park and I direct the Klingle Valley Few to the National Register of Historic Places. Rock Creek is a Metropolitan Park and when Rock Creek Park was established, only 3 roads: Klingle, Pierce Mill, and Military Roads, had through connections on either side of the valley above the National Zoological Park. These roads largely determined the development of the land area into the 20th century. Klingle Road was also designed to provide public access to the enjoyment of extraordinary rural scenery for EVERYONE.

By removing this historic Klingle Road, you deny this enjoyment and access to all of us, except for a few, you divide east from west, you divide development and economics, you disconnect our neighborhoods from each other, and you separate the "haves" from the "have nots". This is wrong.

By removing this historic Klingle Road, you remove a part of history that we wish to preserve. Klingle Road was built because their owners wished to connect with and improve access to other major public roads leading to town centers. They deeded this road to the District to continue to provide access to all of us forever.

The historic register also states that a major non-historic addition to the trail system of the park was the paving of bicycle routes in the 1960s and 1970s. While I am an avid bike rider, I have access to miles and miles of bike paths in Rock Creek Park.

We have very little cross park access.

The real reason the Klingle Valley Few want this road closed is because they don't want traffic through their neighborhood. It is because of the very wealthy and influential people who live at the top of the hill, the Tim Russerts, and the Tony Bullocks, who have access to the power the rest of us will never have.

It is the Klingle Valley Few who are the ones holding the dishonest bag of tricks.

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org