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Sierra Club Recommends Alternative B2 and D2 and Wants People to Demand More Studies

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 06:06:52 -0700
From: "Washington DC Chapter" <nckaos@aol.com> 
Subject: Public Hearing on Klingle Valley -- Thursday, July 21 -- We need you now!!
To: "Washington DC Chapter" <alert@sierraclub.org>
With the recent release of the draft environmental impact statement 
(EIS) for the proposed road in Klingle Valley, the next phase of our 
campaign has begun.
Next week, the agencies that wrote the draft EIS will hold a public 
hearing on it. Unfortunately, the draft gives short shrift to options for 
pedestrian and bike access.  As Klingle Valley feeds into Rock Creek 
Park, omitting a recreational path would be a terrible loss for those of 
us who rely on the valley for hiking, walking dogs, biking, and 
enjoying nature - and who care about the air and water quality there.  Lets 
not lose this wonderful recreational resource!
Here's what you can do:
a. Look at the draft EIS on the Klingle Rd. EIS website -- 
www.klingleroadeis.com. It does a very inadequate job assessing the impact of 
rebuilding a vehicular road through Klingle Valley.
b. Come to the public hearing Thursday, July 21 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 
PM at the National Zoo Park Visitor Center, 3001 Connecticut Avenue NW.  
PUBLIC TESTIMONY BEGINS AT 6:30 PM.  The hearing is a chance for us to 
be heard. Please come to question the draft EISs analysis and show 
support for Alternatives B2 or D2, which include a recreational path.
c. Speak up, in person or in writing, about how Klingle Valley should 
remain accessible everyone.  Information on providing written comments 
is at www.klingleroadeis.com.
If you need more information, please email Lisa Swanson -- 
We hope to hear from you.
Tips for providing comments in writing or at the hearing:
Those preparing the final EIS need to hear from us.  Their 
recommendations will carry a lot of weight with DC City Council and may strongly 
influence the type of "road" that is eventually built.  Here are a few 
talking points, but feel free to take this opportunity to ask other 
questions or comment on any aspect of the DEIS.
- Klingle Valley is a beautiful place for hiking, biking and walking 
dogs.  Pedestrian and bike access should not be denied to the public in 
this valley.
- If there has to be a road for vehicles, I prefer the alternatives (B2 
and D2) that include a recreational path.
- I'm concerned that your study did not sufficiently look at ...(e.g. 
water quality, impact on traffic, safety, etc.). Can you study this 
Sierra Club
Member Services
85 Second Street
San Francisco, CA  94105


For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org