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Taking a Pass
Assessing Citizen Jordan

Michael Jordan's supporters and critics can battle about the extent and importance of his legacy as a Wizard, both on the court and in the front office. But when it comes to Jordan's impact on civic life in the District, there's almost no legacy to debate. D.C. constituencies explain what Jordan didn't do for them:

Lawrence Guyot, statehood advocate
"He's given us the exact example of how celebrity should not be used for civic engagement."

Klingle Road
Laurie Collins, Repair Klingle Road coalition member
"With Michael Jordan gone, we'll have one less out-of-state tag on Klingle Road."

Sick children

Children's Hospital spokesperson
"He hasn't been to the hospital. We've had various Wizards that have come at various times over the past five yearsJuwan Howard, Michael Smith, and Jerry Stackhouse."


Terry Lee, Department of Parks and Recreation spokesperson
"We've done a lot of work with the Wizards as an organization and the Mystics. The dancers participate in our summer kickoff. But we've had no activities with Michael Jordan per se."


Kevin "Kato" Hammond, editor of Take Me Out to the Go-Go magazine
"I can't say anything directly, but indirectly, a group called Northeast Groovers redid their rendition of 'I Want to Be Like Mike.' As for apparel, everyone was wearing Wizards jerseys, which they won't be wearing no more. It was cool to be wearing a Wizards jersey. That's indirectly. As far as directly, they would probably put him on the same level as Anthony Williams."

Golden Triangle BID

Paige Muller, director of programming (via e-mail)
"None of our Ambassadors, nor anyone on our staff, has had direct contact with Michael Jordan. There was, however, a recent MJ sighting in the Golden Triangle. Clean Team Supervisor Vanessa Agnew was in the BID truck at the corner of 21st Street, NW and M Street when he pulled up in his car along side her. He was hiding his face, but Vanessa recognized him and he smiled and said 'Hi' when he noticed her looking at him."

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Alan Etter, spokesperson
"I talked to a bunch of guys over at Engine 2, which is right across the street from the MCI Center. They tried to contact him several times, but they never got a response."

Ben's Chili Bowl

Ben Ali Jr., owner
"I've never seen him here, interestingly enough. I don't know what his cuisine is. Darrell Walker used to come in here real regularly. We get Mike Tyson, Iverson, Strickland, Jahidi, Mystics, all the rest of them. Either you love hot dogs and half-smokesor seafood."

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