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The Klingle Valley Few

June 13, 2002
By Jeanne Ingram

The Klingle Valley Few do only have only a few supporters. Their neighborhood support comes from two Cleveland Park citizen organizations, both of which are spearheaded by the same few people who continue to control the 'nimbyism' of that area of Ward 3. As for the Sierra Club, I know many people who are members who very much disagree with the direction that seven executive members decided to take back in 1995, which goes against the main statement for DC "Restore the Core." I know people who are no longer Sierra Club members because of this decision.

The Coalition to Repair and Reopen Klingle Road has an extremely and overwhelmingly diverse mix of citywide ANCs, businesses, and neighborhood associations. Their grassroots effort covers the need for all of us. Believe me; take a look at the picture on the front of http://www.klinglevalley.org. You'll see what I mean. The Mayor can put a park in the Valley -- but that valley belongs to the National Park Service. The road belongs to the people of the District of Columbia and it is the responsibility of the Mayor to maintain all our roads. Klingle Road is not closed, and deserves the same. While I agree with Mr. Chudowsky that the lead abatement is a reflection of the poor record of the city in maintaining our roads and bridges, I would not let my dog or children in that area. The lead is in the soil. The soil is in the valley.

And finally, this road must be built with access for utilities and emergency vehicles, and in order to preserve the public right of way. It must be engineered to accommodate heavy equipment vehicles, utility maintenance vehicles, heavy equipment, and fire and emergency vehicles. So here the Mayor and Councilmember Phil Mendelson want access to hikers, bikers, and midsize dump trucks pulling trailers with back hoes, semi-tractor-trailers, fire trucks, ambulances, and emergency transport vehicles. Surely an average car will be able to use the road. There is no logical reason to deny access to the driving public.

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org