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There's No Reason Not to Restore Klingle Road

By Marie Nelson, 6-5-02

Last month the Council did the right thing as demonstrated by an overwhelming 10-3 vote to stop Mendelson and the Klingle Valley Few. In fact, Council Member Schwartz made it clear to Mr. Mendelson what a hypocrite he was in trying to strike the language, when he himself historically has demanded the same as what Ms. Schwartz introduced. The Klingle Road Feasibility study shows no environmental reasons not to repair our public road. The road sits below and beside the valley -- with an abundance of apartment buildings above. Besides the run-off from these buildings, run-off is even greater in Klingle Valley now that Woodley Road is resurfaced. No one seemed to have an environmental problem with these buildings or the Woodley Road project.

In 1988, the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that the tiny Klingle stream along Klingle Road supported one of the more ecological balanced and natural aquatic faunal communities in the District. So please, spare me with these silly environmental and cost reasons. The Council has already stated the money is there. We aren't robbing Peter to pay Paul for any transportation repairs. As long as Klingle Road is a road on the Federal Highway System (which it is), it will receive federal relief. If the Klingle Valley Few really cared about the valley, they would have demanded that the Mayor clean up the raw sewage that continues to spill in the valley for the last ten years. Yet the Klingle Valley Few praise the Mayor and now DDOT Director Mr. Tangherlini who have yet to fix this problem.

And what of next summer's 10-month project when DDOT begins the scheduled abatement of 4,000 cubic square feet of lead-contaminated soil that has soaked into the soil and into the roots of trees and plants below the Klingle Bridge? They will have to dig down three feet deep along the side of the roadway. How will we save all the trees and plants from this project, let alone the ones that continue to absorb lead contamination? We don't hear from Klingle Valley Few about these environmentally harmful projects. Please spare me, Mr. Mendelson, Mr. Tangherlini, Mr. Mayor, and the Klingle Valley Few.

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