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Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and the Upcoming Election

November 14, 2005
by Laurie Collins

It is surprising that leaders of local Sierra Club and DC Environmental Network continue to live in denial of the advanced state of the legal processes that authorize reopening Klingle Road to motor vehicle traffic. They unreasonably threaten to withhold support or endorsement of candidates in the upcoming political races who support reopening Klingle Road, despite the fact that Mayor Williams signed, and Congress approved, legislation enacted by the DC Council over two years ago directing the DC Government to reopen Klingle Road to motor vehicle traffic and provide a storm water management plan to prevent the kind of neglect that led to collapse of the road in 1991.

Poor environmental management led to the collapse of this important component of DC transportation infrastructure, and continued neglect has resulted in what is now a complete environmental disaster with not only storm water, but also sewage, tainting areas that were once part of an everyday roadway. Complying with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), DC DOT, and the Federal Highway Administration have determined that five alternative road reopening options will improve the overall environment, and that the preferred alternative "C" will do so with the least taking of trees on National Park Service land. Arguing "the environment" as a basis for objecting to reopening Klingle Road for motor vehicle traffic debases genuine environmental concerns.

Political candidates who have a genuine concern for the environment should not be fooled by factions touting bogus environmental concerns in order to promote their anti-development and anti-automobile agenda. Responsible candidates will recognize the reality of the democratically enacted DC Council legislation and the comprehensive NEPA planning effort that supports preferred alternative "C." They should agree that the reopening of Klingle Road for motor vehicle traffic should have been completed yesterday.


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