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Access to Residential and Commercial Areas

"Klingle Road is listed as a collector road for vehicular traffic on the District of Columbia's Functional Classification Map.  Collectors provide direct access to major traffic generators such as a Metro station or a large complex of apartments.  They may connect a neighborhood to a major arterial roadway."  Berger, 3.12.1

"Existing traffic operational analyses confirmed severe traffic congestion on east-west cross town roadways, which have received the majority of diverted traffic resulting from the closure of Klingle Road in 1990."  Berger, EA study.

"... the road network surrounding Klingle Road is currently experiencing excessive delays and poor level of service, especially along roads parallel to Klingle Road.  The reopening of Klingle Road is one of the options evaluated to improve the east-west cross-town traffic conditions, which provide access to the National Cathedral, American University, upper Georgetown, and the MacArthur Boulevard area as well as many other schools, places of worship, and recreational areas..." 

"Beneficial impacts associated with [rebuild of Klingle Road to its Original Alignment] may include a delay reduction at Porter Street and Connecticut Avenue and the potential for a reduction in the number of accidents on neighboring intersections.  In addition, opening the roadway to east-west traffic would provide another thoroughfare for cross-town access to schools, places of worship, commercial areas, and public buildings." 

To not open Klingle Road:  "Long-term adverse impacts to traffic patterns would be expected to include a worsening of traffic congestion on east-west cross-town roadways."

 Berger study, 3.12.1

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