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DC Council Hearing on Klingle

On March 13, 2002, the District of Columbia Council held a hearing on two Klingle Road bills. The bill sponsored by City Council Chair, Linda Cropp, and the Chair of the Public Works Committee, Carol Schwartz and co-sponsored by Adrian Fenty, Jim Graham, David Catania, and Vincent Orange requires the D.C. Government to fully repair Klingle Road, NW.

A bill introduced on behalf of the City's Mayor seeks authority to partially repair the road for use as a "hike/bike trail." Both plans rely upon federal funding. Chairperson Cropp elicited testimony from the Federal Highway Administration that, whichever bill is passed, the FHA will defer to local interests. She obtained National Park Service agreement that, as long as there is no additional taking of national park land, NPS will respect the bill which is passed by our DC Government.

Bolstered by a legal opinion from the City Council's legal counsel, Council Member Adrian Fenty and Ms. Schwartz, demonstrated that the Mayor's plan constitutes a "road closing," that can only be authorized by the Council under applicable law. Chairpersons Cropp and Schwartz also exposed assumptions underlying the Mayor's cost projections that can only be described, charitably, as reckless disregard of reality.

In sum, the Council's examination of federal and DC government witnesses was a splendid and significant exercise of our limited form of home-rule government. Prior to examining government witnesses, the Council patiently and respectfully accepted six and one-half hours of testimony from over 100 DC residents, much of which was passionately delivered. Rightly so, from the perspective of this supporter of the Cropp/Schwartz bill. From 1885 until its partial collapse due to city government neglect in 1991, Klingle Road functioned as part of the D.C. infrastructure.

Pushing non-Klingle Road agenda, such as closing Rock Creek Park to all automobiles and preventing residential development in Cleveland Park, hike/bike path supporters are attempting to exploit the District Government's mendacious neglect of its responsibility to maintain and repair this infrastructure component.

All DC citizens should rally to support the City Council's responsible, deliberate and professional effort to rectify the Mayor's abdication of responsibility.

Prior to hearing, Klingle Coalition supporters from Wards 1, 3, and 4 begin gathering in Council Chambers

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org