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Please Attend DC Council Roundtable on Klingle Road!

Last week, the Committee passed a recommendation (3-2) to not open Klingle Road at all. We need to change that decision and ask that a separate and new hearing  be granted.  Please attend the Thursdays Roundtable Hearingdont make this hearing our last chance to speak out: 

This Thursday, May 8:  6:30 PM at the
John A. Wilson Building.
Please call Jonathan Kass: 202-724-8152  to sign up.

Council Member
Mary Cheh wants to bypass our laws and close Klingle Road by fiat in the Mayors Budget Support Act next Tuesday without a road closure hearing.  We cannot let her do this.  Please attend the hearing and testify that:

The citizens deserve a separate hearing
This is not a simple alley closing, nor is this any simple road.   Ask the Council to support a separate full blown hearing--where notice is given to the ANC's, to the abutting property owners, mailings are sent out, signs are put up, to follow the Procedures Act of 1982 DC Code 9-201 et seq.  The citizens of DC must have an opportunity to be allowed to testify why Ms. Cheh's amendments are not in the best interest of the District and that the District shouldn't close the street.

District could face litigation for violating the dedicated purpose of the road
The 1885 conveyance from the private owners to the District stated that the conveyance was for use of the land for a public highway forever that failure to use Klingle Road as a public highway might result in loss of the property by the District. 

The will of the people have spoken
It was quite clear that the will of the people of the District of Columbia was adopted at the last hearing when the Council voted 8-5 to support the repair and reopening of Klingle Road for motor vehicle traffic and establish a storm water management plan.  Cheh, Brown and Alexander dont care and will change that all next week if we dont step forward Thursday. 

Cheh said the democratic process should support her amendments.

It would be unfair and almost criminal to have a new junior council member destroy all the hard work both sides have worked and fought long and hard for many years without a fair and democratic process due us by law.  

Further, the residents of the District of Columbia need to know what is at stake here.
Also, let the
DC Council know that we deserve a separate hearing and they should vote to withdraw Chehs amendments! 

REMEMBER:  The World Belongs to Those That Show Up!

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org