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Klingle Meeting Left Queries Unanswered

I attended the Klingle Road Town Hall meeting sponsored by Councilmember Mendelson last night. It was a very low turnout for those who supported the Mayor's position to close Klingle Road, with many who attended who were supporters of repairing Klingle Road. This meeting was advertised as a fact-producing session; however, I left there knowing less about what the Mayor's plan was all about, yet knowing more about the passions that Klingle Road represents to many across this city. Klingle Road supporters talked passionately about how they patiently waited for years for funds to repair the road, how this road connects neighborhoods, allows them to get from point A to point B, while the Klingle Valley people talked about how wonderful it is to listen to birds and the stream. It certainly put things in perspective.

One thing was loud and clear--this administration was not listening to the issues of the many people who want Klingle Road repaired. I did learn, though, that a road has to be built anyway, but when asked what the road would look like, i.e., how wide would it be, what would it be made of, would it be gated, how would emergency and utility vehicles access it--how would they keep cars off, DDOT Director Tangherlini did not have an answer. In fact, one Klingle Road supporter had pictures of what she thought it would look like prompting the administration for an answer. There was none.

There were public safety issues raised and how many firefighters wanted the road opened and how by diverting traffic off of Connecticut Avenue, it would be easier and safer for the fire fighters to get in and out of the firehouse.

This event was clear as mud and all one sided. I left scratching my head while DDOT employees collected their "save Klingle Valley" signs and went home.


Tonya Jackson



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