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History Repeats Itself --Broad Branch Rd, NW collapses like Klingle Same problems, same repairs, and who will stop it?

Area's No. 1 rank in traffic delays "Clearly, in any growing area, and D.C. has continued to grow, you need to build more capacity."

City Agency finishes study of Klingle trail The decision to convert the road into a trail "doesn't reflect the needs of one city."

Klingle Trail Final EA Out DDOT releases final EA on fate of Klingle Road

Coalition urges HPRB to supplement its comments HPRB conveniently forgets Tregaron.......

Wall Scout "This limbo however, has meant that there is a long stretch of concrete unpatroled by Park Police and unsullied by cars."

Listen to our Klingle Road update on WPFW 89.3 FM Join us with Gloria Minott on Metro Watch

Comments on the Draft EA are due July 6, 2010

EA Meeting on Neighborhood Hike/Bike Path On October 7, 2009, DDOT is hosting a meeting.....

Top 12 Reason to Pull Cheh Amendments Will the DC Council listen to reason or fall prey to an obstructionist minority?...

Hearing Scheduled for May 8, 2008 @ 6:30p Don't let Mary Cheh close our road by fiat.......

Mayor Fenty Moves on Restoration of Klingle Road The 17-year wait for restoration of Klingle Road may finally be coming to an end....
Fox 5 News on Klingle

Sierra Club Action Alert Recommends Alternative B2 and D2 of DEIS Action alert recommends bigger road, and more studies......

Long Awaited DEIS Released for Comments Pubic Hearing scheduled for July 21, 2005....

Happy Holidays from the Coalition Klingle, the Lonely Parkway....

Public Scoping Meeting Announced   DDOT holding April 27, 2004 meeting at Zoo.....

DDOT Prepares Study on Klingle Road   The Federal Highway Administration.....

Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS of Klingle in Federal Register   Another study, another public meeting....

DDOT Continues to Mismanage and Delay the Klingle Road Restoration Project   DDOT disregards Council directives.......

Happy Birthday Klingle Road!!  Born to the District of Columbia June 3, 1885...

DC Council Votes 8-5 to Keep Klingle in Budget Support Act  After an attempt to strike from budget, DC Council stands firm....

85% of Public Opinion Says Klingle Will Improve Traffic An NBC4 poll shows that 85% of those polled say Klingle will improve traffic in the area.

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DC Council Hearing on Klingle  At the end of the day, it is not how many testified, it is the compelling testimony that counts.

Compare Our Supporters to Theirs Our supporters include ANCs, civic and neighborhood associations, unions, businesses, and residents--the true grassroots of this city.

What's the Difference Between Penn. Ave. and Klingle Road?  The Mayor testified before Congress to reopen Pennsylvania Avenue, but why not for Klingle?

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Would You Want to Lose Your Roads? See what roads in your neighborhood carried the same amount of vehicles as Klingle Road.

"...an obvious place for a parkway." Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

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Keep Klingle Road--Keep Neighborhoods Connected
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Klingle Road begins in the Ward 1 neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, travels under the Porter Street cloverleaf  (recent renovation costs: $6M) and ends in the Ward 3 neighborhood of Woodley Park.   The Mayor proposes to permanently close the middle section of this functioning roadway to the general public, and turn it into a "gated community" neighborhood recreational trail, making more traffic on your road.  We would no longer be allowed to travel the length of Klingle Road, a public road owned by all DC taxpayers.   Under the Mayor's proposal, our historic public road would have three sections - a short road in Mt. Pleasant, a gated bike/hike trail skirting the edge of Cleveland Park, and another short section of road in Woodley Park.

Klingle Road is surrounded by over 2,000 acres of U.S. parkland, with lots of bike paths and valley hiking trails stretching from Maryland to Virginia. 

"It's simple, Klingle Road  is a public road that DC should repair. It only gets complicated when private citizens are allowed to manipulate the federal allocation process, and special interests are permitted to sway transportation policy against the public interest."

By contrast, Klingle Road is a unique and irreplaceable transportation resource.  It is the only road in DC that travels east and west underneath Connecticut Avenue.  Klingle Road is one of only a few cross-park roads. Opening Klingle Road to traffic will benefit travel on important primary arteries like Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street.  

Local activists are working hard to keep Klingle Road open.  We have the support of the current and former DC Council members, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC), including the ANC Assembly, local community civic and neighborhood organizations, DC Fire and EMS officials, businesses, unions, environmentalists, bicyclists, and thousands of incredibly supportive activists and residents of the District of Columbia.  

It's O.K. to Open Klingle Road

Closing Klingle Road is a Dead End!

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