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  About Klingle Road

Public Right and Private Gain

Mt. Pleasant, Crestwood, 16th Street Heights, Shepard Park, Rock Creek East, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Glover Park and Cathedral Heights  Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Voted to Repair and Reopen Klingle Road as well as the City's Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner's Assembly.

Klingle Road is a long-standing public right of way.

Closing the street benefits a very, very small group of (well-off) property owners who live in Woodley Park near Klingle Road, at the expense of a much larger community of D.C. residents from both sides of Rock Creek Park.

All of the land adjacent Klingle Road, except for the narrow public right of way, is either privately or Federally owned.

D.C. street closing laws provide that ownership of the Klingle Road public right of way could vest in the abutting private landowners, or could be available for purchase by them, depending on how the original right-of-way was obtained.

The contention that Klingle Road should be closed to provide pedestrian access to Rock Creek Park is not justified.  Many areas of Rock Creek Park would benefit from improved pedestrian access -- this should be addressed by installing more pedestrian pathways and sidewalks; it is not necessary to close an important road.

There is no divine right to pedestrian access to Rock Creek Park from any neighborhood.  The only people with pedestrian access to Rock Creek Park are those whose property abuts the Park.  The rest of us use a road to get into the Park, on foot or otherwise.

Closing Klingle Road reduces public access to Rock Creek Park.

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org