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  Transportation Studies

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Introduction, Options, and Environmental Consequences*

Public Involvement and Agency Coordination / Appendices A-C*

Appendix D, Exhibits, and Tables*

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Feasibility Study - Louis Berger Report

Transportation:  The Berger report concluded that within the study area, traffic accidents overall will be reduced, traffic delays overall will be reduced, and levels of service overall will be improved.  See Study, page D-10.  The study area includes Connecticut Avenue, Porter Street, Klingle Road, 34th Street, Cleveland Avenue, Cathedral Avenue, and Garfield Street.  Traffic volumes in the study area exceed 5 million vehicle trips per day.
The best option in the Louis Berger August Report, Option E, is to Rebuild Klingle Road to Its Original Alignment. This option proposes to include the repair of the existing retaining walls and the repair or replacement of the existing drainage system. In addition, Klingle Road would be reopened to two-way vehicular traffic, following the rebuilding of the road to its original dimensions. The existing roadbed would be removed and a hard-surface roadway would be reconstructed within the existing Right Of Way.

This option will restore East-West access across Rock Creek Park thereby providing the public with more access. The modest costs easily are justified by the benefit to thousands of DC taxpayers who would use Klingle Road every day. Klingle Road is owned by the taxpayers of the City of Washington, and should be restored to its historic purpose as a public thoroughfare. Klingle Road is a public byway used by generations of District residents who have used Klingle Road as a safe, efficient, and economical way to traverse East and West. Klingle Road connects the neighborhoods on the East and West of Rock Creek Park, and serves as an important gateway to Rock Creek Park. We believe that restoring Klingle Road to its historic purpose as a public thoroughfare is the right way to go. The City should repair and reopen Klingle Road for all of us. Our supporters include local residents, businesses and community groups, advisory neighborhood commissions, civic leaders, labor unions and associations that represent over 100,000 people.